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An NSDAP standard of the SA Bodensee "Deutschland Erwache", with carrying bag

International Military History from 1919 | A89r | Live auction | 900 Lots

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The standard composed of an eagle, the tip of the standard, the pole, two long cords at the sides, the standard cloth and a protective cover for the standard tip. The tip silver-plated and gilt, the soldered swastika also gilt and painted black in the centre. The socket stamped with the founding date "1923" on the front and the manufacturer's mark "Otto Gahr" on the reverse, two fastening holes. The silver and gold plating tarnished and abraded in places due to age. Including the extremely rare protective cover in greenish canvas, containing light-coloured leather pieces. The leather marked with a circular RZM stamp, L2/1639/39.The box fixed underneath made of silver-plated sheet aluminium, inscribed "Bodensee", the name of the standard. The front of the box with the embossed designation "Bodensee" and "NSDAP" on the back, the original red lacquer still in good condition on both sides. The housing screwed together by means of a screw in the letter "E" of "Bodensee" and correctly on the back in "NSDAP" in the upper section of the letter "D". Dimensions of the housing 40 x 11.5 x 7 cm. The interior of the parallele piped is marked of the no. "13".
The standard cloth with a black, white and red fringe on three sides and a pocket at the top to accommodate the mounting pole, the cloth measuring 68 x 59 cm. The extremely rare leather cover in the centre of the standard to protect the cloth from rubbing on the pole. Both sides offset with a white disc and a horizontal black swastika, trimmed with silver braid in each case. The front bearing the inscription "Deutschland Erwache" in white embroidery, the back reads "Nat. Soz. Deutsche Arbeiterpartei" and "Sturmabteilung". Comes complete with the black, white and red woollen tassels on both sides, the ties twisted together. The wooden standard pole made of two pieces and can be unscrewed at the central bronze fittings. The standard is 2.26 m tall and weighs 6.5 kilos. Extremely rare in terms of its completeness and condition.

Provenance: To our knowledge, this is the only associated SA standard whose provenance is documented all the way back to its capture by the 2nd Division Blindée under General Leclerc on 26 April 1945 in the Brown House in Constance.
On 26 April 1945, General Leclerc managed to occupy the Lake Constance region shortly before the French army came to Berchtesgaden. On arrival in Constance, a French officer of the 2nd French Division, the Lebel group, discovered this piece in the local Brown House. In alphabetical order, the SA standard Bodensee was the 17th SA standard to be blessed by Hitler in a solemn ceremony during the 1934 Reich Party Rally in Nuremberg.
The standard was presented as a gift to a French pharmacy professor, probably Monsieur Georges Dillmann (see also the capital letters "GD" on the metal box). The French collector Andre Boulanger acquired the standard in 1971, keeping it in his collection for almost 30 years. Finally, the "Dezember 1944" museum in La Gleize, Belgium, purchased the standard from Boulanger in 2005. The standard has only been gently cleaned since coming to light in 1945 and is otherwise completely in its original condition.

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