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A large estate belonging to Oberleutnant Karl-Heinz Kallfelz of the 508th Heavy Panzer Battalion

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His pay book with photograph, issued on 16 December 1940 with numerous entries, including promotions, awards, additional pages with 83 days of service recorded etc. Certificate for the German Cross in Gold, issued on 19 June 1945 to Olt. Kallfelz with the "2./Pz.Abt.508" bearing the original signature of General der Kavallerie Siegfried Westphal, plus the cloth version of the award. Certificate for the Iron Cross 1st Class, issued on 22 December 1942 with the Panzer Regiment 11, along with two Iron Crosses, 1st Class. (Duplicate) certificate for the Iron Cross 2nd Class, 15 December 1942, same regiment, with the original signature of the commander of the 6th Panzer Division, plus the decoration on a ribbon. Possession document for the Wound Badge in Black, same regiment, plus two decorations. Three possession documents (decorative certificates) for the Panzer Badge in Silver, grades II /III and IV, all for the II battalion of Panzer Regiment 11. Possession document for the Panzerkampfwagenabzeichen, issued on 30 July 1941 for the "3./Panzer-Abteilung 65", plus four copies of the awards (all without a combat number, different models). A letter, written on 17 May 1945, about the dispatch of grade V of the Panzer Badge in Silver (100 days, here incorrectly referred to as grade IV) and of the special Tank Destruction Badge for Individual Combatants. Also includes what is known as a "Panzerknacker" badge. An identity card to enter Grand Paris, 7 April 1942. An identity card with photo for the "Langemarck Studium" of the Reich Student Leadership, 23 March 1940. A photo of him wearing the black Panzer uniform with the Panzer Badge (Kallfelz was awarded the Panzer Badge up to grade V with the combat number 100). His identity tag (corresponding to the entry in the pay book), a green cloth badge for special uniform, four miniature pins. Moreover, several other contemporary documents, a portrait photograph and information on the highly decorated officer. The Heavy Panzer Battalion 508 was a Wehrmacht heavy tank battalion in World War II, whose main armament was the VI Tiger armoured vehicle. Deployed in Italy and Germany in 1944/45.

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