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General of Panzer Troops Walter Wenck – his field tunic

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Field-grey gabardine material with dark green collar, gold buttons and loops for decorations. Green silk liner with tailor's tag "Averbeck & Bröskamp Berlin", the inner pocket with a typed name label "Generalmaj. W. Wenck..den März 1943". Red collar patches with gold Larisch embroidery (cello, bicolour). Sewn-in shoulder boards with a weave of two round gold and one square silver cords, red backing. The breast eagle removed.
General Walter Wenck (1900 - 1982) was a cadet in Naumburg in 1911 and at Lichterfelde in 1918, he served in Freikorps Reinhardt and von Oven in 1919, promoted to rank of Leutnant in 1923, Hauptmann 1934, and Major 1939. In 1940 he was promoted to Oberstleutnant and received the Iron Cross 1st Class for taking the city of Belfort, he won the German Cross in Gold and was made Oberst in 1942, serving as Chief of Staff to Romanian army commander Dumitrescu, he received the Knight's Cross on December 28, 1942, Generalmajor in 1943 and Chief of Staff 1st Panzer Army, Generalleutnant 1944 and Chief of Staff Army Group A. On April 7, 1945, he was promoted General of Panzer Troops and commander of 12th Army (the youngest army commander in the World War II). The so-called "Armee Wenck" was Hitler's last hope for the defence of Berlin.

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