Lot 5255

A cipher machine 41 (SG-41), known as the "Hitler mill", made by the Wanderer-Werke in Chemnitz

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The "Z" version of the SG41 cipher machine was referred to as a weather machine. Since the main user was the German weather service, they were only fitted with a numerical keypad.
Based on the encryption principles of the Hagelin machines the SG41 featured several significant improvements, that made it unbreakable using the decryption technology of the time. Not many machines were deployed as of 1944 owing to disputes about matters of competence and production problems.
The time-consuming restoration of the extremely complex mechanism of the SG41 took a noted expert over a year. To this end, the machine was completely dismantled, cleaned, the rust removed and all parts coated with protective bluing. Parts beyond repair (the rotors) were replaced by custom-made components. According to the consignor, the machine is mechanically operational, the rotors and code disks in working order. However, we have no means of checking proper encryption and completeness of the machine and sell it as is. Dimensions 27 x 31 x 17 cm, weight approx. 10 kg.

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