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A reservist’s stein belonging to Infantryman Trump in the 1st Company/23rd Infantry Regiment, Landau, 1911-13

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White, glazed porcelain with manoeuvre scenes in colour and view of barracks, on the upper edge inscribed "Infanterist Trump", the lower edge with regimental and place names. At the handle list of names in alphabetical order with "Trump" being the fifth from last name. High pewter lid with infantrymen and lion holding an escutcheon, the thumb piece also with lion. On the bottom lithophane image with departing scene. Overall height 31.5 cm. In excellent condition.
From the family of the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald Trump.
Friedrich (Frederick) Trump, the President’s grandfather, was born in Kallstadt in 1869 as son of the vineyard owner Johannes Trump. As well as the entire Palatinate region west of the Rhine, Kallstadt was also part of what was then the Kingdom of Bavaria. When his father died in 1877 from a lung affliction and, due to his illness, left a legacy of debts, Friedrich, just as his four sisters and his brother, had to work in the vineyards, but soon was permitted to train as a hairdresser. In 1885, he followed his elder sister Katharina and emigrated to the US. By the time he returned to Kallstadt in 1901 for a brief visit to marry the neighbour's daughter Elisabeth Christ, he already was a wealthy man. The Bavarian authorities, however, assumed that he had left the country to avoid the Bavarian military service and deprived him of the Bavarian citizenship in 1904.
This stein most likely comes from the family of the brother of Friedrich (Frederick) Trump, who remained in Bavaria. In 1892, Jakob Trump married in Kallstadt. On that occasion his mother Katharina divided the inheritance among the siblings: Jakob received the vineyard and the emigrated siblings were paid off.

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