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A monumental German equestrian figure of silver in honour of the Great Elector Friedrich Wilhelm (1620-88), circa 1900

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Silver, the foot with mark of fineness "800" and Baroque pseudo marks. Round, highly domed foot, decorated in rich relief with crowned sceptre coat of arms (cf. Schwedt Dragoon) amidst palm twigs, trophies and fruits, on the reverse a shell between trophies. Smooth shaft supporting a round surface lavishly decorated with plants in relief. On top a three-dimensional full figure of a rampant horse crafted in detail, carrying a military horseman from the 2nd half of the 17th century with cuirass, tunic, sash, riding boots, plumed hat and sword (hilt and lower part of the scabbard missing). Ivory face carved in detail (hairline cracks). The bridle set with five blue/green stones. Slightly damaged in places. Height 73 cm, weight 5.88 kg.
Elector Friedrich Wilhelm led Brandenburg out of the Thirty Years’ War, reconstructed the small country and helped it hold its ground against its big neighbours. On 25 June 1675, a Brandenburg army under his personal guidance scored a decisive victory against the Swedish troops in the Battle of Fehrbellin. After this victory his contemporaries awarded him the epithet "Great Elector". As a consequence of this victory, Brandenburg had conquered the entire region of Swedish Pomerania until 1678.
Majestic figure of great sublimity, beauty and radiance.

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