Lot 4331

Emperor William II - a patent of nobility for Hilmar von Dobbeler, Director of the Senior Audit Office

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Six-page parchment document with calligraphic text, the letters partly red or gilt, with noble coat of arms hand-drawn in colour. On 8 January 1920, Emperor William II raised Adolf August Hilmar von Dobbeler of Hanover, retired Director of the Senior Audit Office and Privy Councillor, and his descendants to the rank of nobility. Signed in ink by the Emperor and the Prussian Minister of the Interior Johann von Dallwitz. Leather folder with Prussian eagle embossed in relief and embellished in colour and gold, silver-plated decorative mountings and nails, embossed artist’s signature "R. Borries, Berlin". Bound by a silver cord with black interweaves, silver tassels and attached, large imperial wax seal in a silver-plated skippet. Beautifully preserved with unfaded colours. Dimensions 37 x 28 cm. In a leather storage case, key missing. Dimensions 44 x 35 cm.

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