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King Ludwig II of Bavaria – a pair of ivory opera glasses as a gift to his aide-de-camp Karl Theodor von Sauer, Christmas 1864

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Gilt brass, the housing, central adjustment wheel and oculars made of ivory. In a leather case (dimensions 14 x 11.5 x 7 cm), with gold-embossed borders around the edge, lined in pale brown silk, the old paper label in the lid reads "von Sauer" and an old slip of paper in the base, printed "Carl Theodor Sauer, Hauptmann und Flügeladjutant" and handwritten in ink (tr.) "Christmas 1864 / Received from HRH Ludwig II". The ivory cracked in several places, minor imperfections. The fastening rings (female thread) of the oculars have warped, therefore the oculars can no longer be unscrewed. The strap ripped on the case. Includes an old sheet of paper with pencilled notes written by his grandson, certifying that the handwriting is that of his grandfather, Karl Theodor von Sauer. Also, a portrait photograph (dimensions 14 x 10 cm) taken by the court photographer Baumann of Munich, stamped "1911", showing von Sauer as an old man. Damaged in places, signs of age. Untouched, as found condition. A unique, previously unknown object presented by King Ludwig II.After completing his military training, Karl Theodor von Sauer (1834 - 1911) taught weaponry at the military college in Munich in 1859 and published a well-known compendium of weapons. In 1863, he served as batman to King Maximilian II and as aide-de-camp under Ludwig II from 1864 to 1873. From 1876 on, he commanded the 2nd Foot Artillery Regiment. In 1882, as Generalmajor, he was appointed commander of the fortress at Germersheim and in 1887, governor of Ingolstadt fortress. One year later, he was promoted to Generalleutnant and governor of the state fortress of Ingolstadt. In this function, he was assigned the position of General of the Artillery on 20 December 1893. Von Sauer was awarded the Grand Cross of the Military Merit Order on his retirement in 1895. He was made an honorary citizen of Ingolstadt on 28 February 1895 and of Germersheim in 1898. Sauerstraße in Ingolstadt is named after him.

Provenance: Comes directly from a family estate.

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