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Louis IV (1282 or 1286-1347), known as the Bavarian, as of 1314 King and as of 1328 Holy Roman Emperor – a Renaissance tapestry circa 1600, with his royal coat of arms and that of his wife, Margaret II of Holland (circa 1307/10-1356)

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Made of different coloured silks and brocades, velvet, embellished with Lyonnaise embroidery in gold and silver threads, as well as braided embroidery, silver braid, a knotted border at the lower edge, the top edge probably reinforced during the 19th century with a strip of red velvet, with suspension hooks sewn at the back. Lined in white felt and red linen fabric. Dimensions approx. 100 x 200 cm. The stitching of the individual fields and some of the Lyonnaise embroidery has come undone in places due to the weight of the materials used, the silk partially frayed due to age, with losses to the fabric here and there. Nonetheless the substance of the coat-of-arms tapestry is well preserved and worth restoring. The left division shows the national eagle with the Bavarian escutcheon, above which the crown in relief, a banner on the lower edge with the inscription "Ludwig der Bayer Kayser" in old German lettering, the right division with the combined coat of arms of Louis and his wife Margaret, also surmounted by a raised crown, with a banner reading "Margarethe von Holland". The motto "Hilf uns Got" in the centre, lavishly embroidered floral décor in both lateral fields.
Louis IV (the Bavarian) was crowned King of Germany on 25 November 1314, along with Frederick of Habsburg, each supported by a section of the prince-electors. The two kings' wrangling for the throne lasted until 1325 when Frederick of Habsburg, who had been taken prisoner by Louis in 1322 after the battle near Mühldorf, relinquished his claim and, in exchange, was released without paying a ransom. In consequence of Louis' political interference in Northern Italy, which was still part of his Holy Roman Empire, he was excommunicated by Pope John XXII in 1324 (until his death in 1347), yet was first able to marry Margaret of Holland. Between 1325 and 1327, he ruled jointly with Frederick of Habsburg as anti-king, from 1327 to 1330 he marched to Italy with an army and was crowned Emperor in January 1328 by three bishops. Louis deposed Pope John XXII shortly thereafter and was re-crowned by his successor Nicholas V in May 1328. In 1347, he died unexpectedly while hunting near Fürstenfeldbruck.

Provenance: Most likely from a gallery of ancestral portraits from a Wittelsbach castle. Hermann Historica, 35th Auction in October 1997, lot 4386.

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