Lot 4239

A uniform for an officer of the Chasseurs Etrangers of the pontifical troops in the regimental staff, circa 1865

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The cap made of fine black cloth, silver lacing on the top, the front with a hunting horn in silver embroidery on yellow cloth, black chinstrap on silver relief buttons with the horn symbol, black lacquered peak (craquelures), black and blue silk lining, with a paper label reading "Fabbrica d' arnesi / del corredo Militare" (in Rome), brown leather sweatband. Comes with the uniform tunic made of black cloth (minor losses to the fabric) with yellow piping, a yellow collar, a silver-embroidered garnet symbol and silver lacing on the sleeves. Silver relief buttons with the horn symbol ("Superieur France" on the back), quilted cotton lining (somewhat stained and darkened) in the breast, the lining of the waist made of silky green and brown cloth (minor imperfections, tears). Moreover, a white collar band and a sash in woven yellow fabric with white stripes and two tassels. Slightly damaged in places, signs of age. Extremely rare find. See also Musées Cantonaux du Valais, Sion (MV. 1497 a) and "Per il papa re: il Risorgimento italiano visto attraverso la storia del Reggimento degli zuavi pontifici, 1860/1870" by Lorenzo Innocenti, Esperia, 2004.

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