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A significant ceremonial sabre – presented to General Joseph Nicolas Noël Brice, 1837

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Post-auction sale

Post-auction sale


The slightly curved, extremely heavy, broad blade with a t-shaped profile and a double-edged, sharp point with yelman, lavishly etched on both sides, the cockerel on the obverse as a symbol of the reign of Louis Philippe I (1830 - 1848), the inscription "Brice", a garnet symbol, tendrils and laurel, the other side with similar embellishment, inscribed "Liberté Orde Public". The chiselled brass hilt with lavish relief decoration on both sides, the symbol of the cockerel on the obverse of the quillons, a star of rank on the reverse. The broad, brass scabbard richly decorated in relief on the obverse (two trophies with cockerel and tendrils) with two lightly embellished ring bands and two movable suspension loops. The blade slightly stained, small fractures in places, fine scars and traces of cleaning, small indentations in the scabbard, remnants of gilding on the brass fittings. Signs of age and wear. Length 87 cm.
Joseph Nicolas Noël Brice (1783 - 1851) fought in the Napoleonic Wars as a cavalry officer and was awarded the Legion of Honour by Napoleon personally following the Battle of Eylau in 1807. In May 1837, he was redeployed as a colonel of the cavalry and sent to Africa as commander of the Algerian seaport Bône. On 28 February 1848, Colonel Brice was promoted by the government to the rank of brigadier general. The sabre was certainly presented to him when he left Algeria as commander. The balanced, pleasing sabre in Oriental style with a fascinating blade geometry, magnificent embellishment and interesting history.

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