Lot 4017

Order of St. Stanislaus – a Russian badge for order officials, circa 1870

International Orders & Military Collectibles | A89m | Live auction | 454 Lots


Gold, partly enamelled, eyelet with indistinct punch mark, cross arms on the reverse with master’s mark "IK" for Julius Keibel and Russian double-headed eagle. Diameter of ring 50 mm, weight 16.9 g. Complete with ribbon section. In the original leather-covered case with gold-embossed Russian double-headed eagle. Good condition, extremely rare.
This order for order officials was introduced in 1839 and was only awarded to the chancellor of the order, the master of ceremonies, two heralds and the secretary of the order. The order was under the strict obligation to be returned after the wearer’s demise.

Condition: I -

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