Lot 567

An extraordinary Viking silver necklace with cross and Thor's Hammer, 10th century

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Silver chain, 80 cm long, with a two-part reliquary cross which shows traces of gilding. The construction and imagery of the front reveal Byzantine influence. Centrally, a stylised Christ with his hands in a prayer gesture. At the ends of the arms of the cross medallions with saints. The back with ornamental Viking decoration. Eyelets at the top and bottom. If you open the cross you will find a fold-out Thor's Hammer inside, which is decorated on one side with typical nordic punchmarks. The inner surfaces of the cross halves are also geometrically decorated. Intact. Length of the cross 5.4 cm. Length of the Thor's Hammer 2.8 cm. Weight 92 g.
Absolutely extraordinary combination of pagan and Christian elements, vividly illustrating the cultural-historical phenomenon of how old and new religions coexisted.

Provenance: Previously Lithuanian art trade.

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