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A distinguished ivory casket in Romanesque style, Paris, mid-19th century

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The rectangular casket made of heavy, carved, ivory panels with enamelled, gilt copper mounts. The gilt lock with a hasp in the shape of a dragon, no key. The lid with a depiction of two horsemen in front of a castle, the front with two mounted warriors fighting a lion. The sides embellished with birds amidst decorative tendrils, the back with hunters and three hounds tussling with a wild boar. Smooth ivory base plate. The mounts with inlays of blue, red and white enamel, riveted, decorative gilt rosettes (incomplete) and corner reinforcements. The interior lined in gilt, engraved copper foil. Dimensions 15 x 28 x 14.5 cm.
An exquisite, early historicism piece from a workshop in Paris.

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