Lot 1313

A Saxon bone-inlaid crossbow with ebony veneer, 17th century

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Hammer price € 4,200

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Heavy steel prod with remnants of gilding, the mark of a wheel with a sun burst stamped on the inside on the right. Gilt cord anchors, decorative tassels of green wool (incomplete), the bellied tiller made of finely grained brown wood covered with approx. 2 mm ebony veneer (worm damage), inlays of polished antler with blackened engravings. Finely engraved décor of blossoms and foliage, an exquisitely engraved landscape with a castle and leaping stag on the bone-inlaid cheek. The original nut made of antler and secured with thread. A nut band of green, heavily abraded velvet above the nut thread. Multi-axle lock, hair set trigger (remnants of gilding) with folding trigger (the bridle has been incorrectly replaced), ridged iron trigger guard. An iron appliqué of acanthus tendrils in relief on the bone butt cap. A fragment of the old horn bolt channel behind the nut. Incomplete, damaged, old repairs, the iron components rusted, all parts in as-found condition. Width of the bow 59 cm, total length 59 cm.
A distinguished baroque crossbow of half-powered type.

Provenance: Found by chance in Saxony.

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