Lot 1115

A gold-mounted kris of the Sultan of Madura, 19th century

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Slender, double-edged blade of pamor Damascus steel with robust, semi-circular midrib. The forte with finely engraved gilt silver ferrule. The selut encrusted with three rows of diamonds, the mendak of soldered red gold. Fine florally carved ivory grip. Scabbard with finely carved wooden wranka with crowned order cross, flanked by a dragon and Pegasus. On the opposite side a crowned trophy bundle. The scabbard covered by sheet gold with mounts of soldered red gold (losses), the chape later encrusted with gemstones.

Provenance: According to the consignor from the property of the Sultan of Madura. Purchased by an Italian businessman on Madura in the early 20th century, subsequently owned by the family.

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