Lot 1095

A magnificent Japanese katana, circa 1660

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Blade shinogi tsukuri, O kissaki, torii zori, gunome midare hamon, boshi ko maru with short kaeri. Hada mokume itame, minimally cleaned with older sashikomi finish. Nakago ubu, kiri yasurime and one mekugi ana, inscribed "Hoshu Takada Ju Fujiwara Munekage" (MUN 765. 30 P.). Gilt copper habaki. Same-covered tsuka with black silk binding and partly gilt shakudo-fuchi kashira with dragon décor, dragon-shaped nigurome menukis. Marugata sahari tsuba also with dragon décor. Aogai-lacquer saya with horn fittings, decorated with a dragon of embossed, partly gilt sahari that seems to meander through the saya, the upper saya area of samenuri. Koshirae-Taisho period until modern period.
Length k/m 72.6 cm, overall length 92 cm.

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