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An Ottoman silver-mounted and nielloed, gold-inlaid kilij with a nephrite handle, 2nd half of the 17th century

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The early, single-edged blade from the 16th century, made of finely figured wootz-Damascus and broadening slightly at the double-edged point. Gold-inlaid leafy vines, a script ornament and the signature (tr.) "Made by Hajji Sunqur" on the obverse. The florally nielloed quillons in silver, fire-gilt on the lower surface, the riveted grip scales in green nephrite with an engraved, gilt grip strap and three garnets set in gold on the obverse. Original wooden scabbard covered in shagreen leather with silver fittings en suite to the quillons, fire-gilt and floral nielloed on the lower surface on both sides. Length 89.5 cm.
Unusually magnificent and beautifully preserved kilij from the period of the Turkish Wars. Similar weapons may be found in the "Turkish Chamber" in Dresden. A closely related blade, here dated to the 16th century, can be found in a Karabella (Inv. Nr. Y 111), an ottoman Kilij (Inv. Nr. Nr. Y 93) shows a similar nielloed and gilt hilt and mounts. Both swords are already listed in the earliest inventory from the year 1716. Pictured in: Die Türckische Kammer, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, 2010, numbers 300 and 241.

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