Lot 5009

Fünf Bücher über russische Feuerwaffen

Fine Antique and Modern Firearms | O79s | Online auction | 582 Lots


Russ. Prunkwaffen und Rüstungen, Leningrad, 1982. Tarassuk, Antique European and American Firearms at the Hermitage Museum, Leningrad, 1971. Fine Arms from Tula, New York 1977. Gatchina Arsenal - One Hundred Items from the Collection of the Russian Emperors, St. Petersburg, 2001. Dazu Temesvary, Vadaszfegyverek, Budapest. Unterschiedliche Gebrauchsspuren.

Condition: II -

General Information

Our online auction "Fine Antique and Modern Firearms" includes 582 lots. The auction starts on Tuesday, 04th June, 2019 at 10:00 am. Pre-sale viewing: 15th - 19th, May, 2019 from 2pm - 6pm.