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Two inscribed Roman-Spanish slingshot bullets, lead, 50 - 40 B.C.

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An almost biconical slingshot bullet (glans), flattened on the underside. On one half, in raised letters, CNMAG = Cn(aeus) Mag(nus), referring to the son of Pompeius the Great, Cnaeus Pompeius Magnus the Younger (+ 45 B.C.). Comparable bullets are known from the vicinity of Osuna, province of Seville, among others. Beautiful white patina. Accompanied by an almond-shaped sling lead with the 13th Legion stamp, one side flat. On the raised side the letters L XIII = legio XIII. Comparable glandes are known from Andalusia and date back to the time of the Caesar-Pompeian civil wars (48 - 44 B.C.). Coated with a white oxidation layer. Length 4.7 and 4.2 cm.

Provenance: South German private collection.

Condition: II - Questions about the lot?

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