Lot 6239

A hand prosthesis, replica of Goetz von Berlichingen's famous "Iron hand"

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Two-piece, round, slightly conical gauntlet to fasten the prosthesis to the forearm. Hinged flap closed by two leather straps and buckles. Four fingers with three joints, the thumb with two movable joints. The thumb and four fingers are returned into the normal (open hand) position via spring tension. Length (with extended fingers) 38 cm. Goetz von Berlichingen (ca. 1480-1562) lost his right hand in 1504 after getting hit by a shot fired from a culverin during the Landshut War of Succession. The present object is a replica of his second "Iron Hand", which was more famous and was made around 1530, that is 20 years after his first prosthesis. The wearer had to use his healthy hand to bring the fingers of the prosthesis into the desired position where they were locked by a mechanism.

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