Lot 3700

A Khasarianian iron helmet, 12th - 13th century

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Two-piece iron calotte. The upper half of the helmet ends in a blunt tip. The lower wide, band-shaped half with a height of approx. 10 cm. Both parts welded. Perforated at the sides and the back near the lower edge for the attachment of the aventail, of which one part is preserved and attached at the back in a modern way (length 6 cm - 12 cm). On both sides short (5 cm long), formerly hinged cheek protection, which is fastened in a modern way with leather on the inside of the helmet. Altogether good iron substance with exception of the reconstructed tip. Preserved. Height approx. 19.5 cm. Length 22.5 cm.
Extremely rare helmet type.

Provenance: From Lithuanian art trade. Accompanied by a purchase receipt of the Ancient Arms and Armour Store from 1976.

Condition: II - Questions about the lot?

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