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A pair of northern or eastern European silver Viking stirrups, circa 11th century

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A pair of high, almost triangular stirrups, with a wide rectangular strap holder at the top. With a wide foot plate, on which geometric patterns are embossed. On the sides symmetrically arranged floral tendril decoration with two animal heads. A stylised round head at the transition to the footbridge. Bar and strap holder also with geometric decoration. Decoration in the tradition of Viking motifs. Exceptionally rare, excellently preserved stirrups made of solid silver. Height 22 cm. Weight 1.16 kg.
A 10th-century iron specimen of comparable type in the Metropolitan Museum, New York (acc.no. 1999.159). This silver pair may be attributed to a Viking prince.
Cf. W.A. Seaby, P. Woodfield, Viking Stirrups from England and their Background. Medieval Archaeology (1980) pp. 87-122, particularly fig. 5 nos 10 and 12.

Provenance: From the Lithuanian art market. Accompanied by purchase receipts from 1924, 1935, 1942, and 1988.

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