Lot 3397

A rare, small and finely engraved North/West Indian "Mughal" cabinet casket, 17th century

Works of Art, Antiquities | A83kua | Live auction | 422 Lots


The free-standing, accurately geometric wooden body veneered on the front with ivory, marquetry in places. Lavishly engraved and embellished with decoration elements typical of the provenance. The chest veneered on the inside, can be folded back to reveal a cabinet with six drawers, also veneered in engraved ivory. Bronze handles on the side. Old iron lock. An old inventory stamp on the underside and handwritten inscription, presumably in Devanagari. Showing traces of age and use. Partially restored. Some parts replaced. Dimensions 19 x 30 x 23.5 cm.

Provenance: Old South German collection.

Attention - shipping to non-EU countries subject to CITES.

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