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A German three-branch pineapple trophy set with diamonds, circa 1900

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Silver, cast, hammered, engraved, marked, partially gilt. A bulging base with interlaced strapwork on a circular ring stand with two hallmarks, ball knob set with diamonds, the shaft in the shape of a tree entwined with vines with a wanderer in historical costume. Three branches, each with a diamond-studded bowl and removable lid. The finials in the shape of filigree foliage. The gilding rubbed in places. Height 54 cm. Weight approximately 1400 g.
Follows in the tradition of the three-branch trophies made by Georg Müllner (Nuremberg, 1624 - 1647). They were drinking games which worked according to the principle of communicating vessels. Cf. "Schatzkunst 800-1800" by Schmidberger/Richter, Staatliche Museen Kassel, 2001, p. 232.

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