Lot 3012

An unusual Flemish nautilus trophy with a hippocamp, 2nd half of the 19th century

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Silver, hallmarked "13" (fineness 13 lot) on the edge of the base. The highly curved base decorated with plant motifs in relief, bearing a fully sculptured hippocamp, above which the shaft in the shape of a tree trunk, holding the large nautilus shell. The flat, spiral shell with a pearlescent sheen in a silver setting, engraved with figurative scenes and tendrils. Removable lid with a mast and sail, engraved "Pelikan van Dvnkerke". The rear part of the nautilus shell with a fully sculptured, silver angel, filling the sail with bellows. Small dents in places, signs of age and handling. Height 53 cm, weight 1.28 kg.
A splendid, exceptionally representative trophy.

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