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Ernst I, Duke of Saxe-Altenburg (1826 - 1908) - a uniform as Saxon general, circa 1905

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Parade tunic as an elegant private purchase piece of finest dark blue cloth, the red stand-up collar and the sleeve cuffs with the special gold embroidery reserved for Saxon generals, the button fly with red piping, gilt Saxon general’s buttons ("Osang Dresden"). On the right shoulder the heavy golden general’s braid with attached parade lanyard and gilt crowns, the looped shoulder board with two large silver-plated rank stars. On the left shoulder the silver general's lozenge with green interweaves. The breast with loops for the large orders clasp and six (!) breast stars. The lining completely in unfaded red. Comes with a matching pair of black breeches with broad red general’s leg stripes and blued iron buttons by "Kammel Seifhennersdorf". Only slightly worn, in beautiful condition.
Ernst I. Friedrich Paul Georg Nikolaus of Saxe-Altenburg was Duke of Saxe-Altenburg for an unusually long time, from 1853 to 1908. He was Saxon colonel general and from 1861 onwards commanded the 2nd Silesian Jäger Battalion No. 6. From 1878 to 1908, he was chief of the 1st Royal Saxon Jäger Battalion No. 12.

Condition: II +

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