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A southern German wheellock boy's carbine, presumably Nuremberg, circa 1610

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Slender octagonal barrel with smooth bore in 9 mm calibre. Dovetailed iron and brass sights. At the breech struck uninterpreted barrel maker's mark (crossed sword and wheellock pistol with "ISI"), surrounded by struck ornamental decoration. Wheellock with external wheel, the wheel fixture cut in the shape of a shell. Spring-loaded pan cover with release button. The inside of the lock with remnants of original bluing. Walnut full stock with fine inlays of engraved and blackened bone, surrounded by filigree decoration. The engraved nose with minor flaws on the side. Iron trigger guard, wooden ramrod with bone tip. Length 75.5 cm.
Delicate carbine, probably manufactured for a boy from a princely family aged 10 to 12.

Condition: II +

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