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A large silver goblet by J. G. Hossauer for senior forester Sembach in Pomerania, dated 1855

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Silver, pressed, cast, chased, chiselled, gilt, engraved. The foot with mark of fineness "12 LÖTH:", the mark of the first inspecting master "K" with bear for Johann Christian Samuel Kessner, the mark of the second inspecting master "A" for Balthasar Gottfried Ferdinand Anreack, also master’s mark "HOSSAUER BERLIN" for Johann George Hossauer (1794 - 1874). Multifoil, domed pedestal, baluster-shaped shaft, richly decorated bowl, multifoil lid with deer head pommel. The pedestal and lid each with four segments containing finely chased oak leaf and laurel branches. Three segments of the bowl with repeated décor and, additionally, hunting trophies, the fourth segment with coat of arms cartouche presenting the chiselled, fine inscription (tr.) "To the royal senior forester Mr Sembach of Neuenkrug for 50 years of service from his colleagues 1855". Only slight traces of use and age. Overall height 38 cm, weight 714 g.
Hossauer himself described this goblet in his order book (tr.) "… with deer head and antlers as knob on the lid, on the side hunting images, at the front the dedication To the royal senior forester [etc. as above] – delivered on 29 November, ordered by forester Crelinger of Stettin, dispatched on 28 Nov.".
Comes with a meticulously researched, illustrated folder comprising over 50 pages and containing information on the family of forester Sembach from the inventory of the Secret State Archive Berlin-Dahlem, and on Hossauer.
Magnificent silver goblet whose background has been researched in detail and is properly documented.
Furthermore, a copy of the book on Hossauer "Gold und Silber für den König" (tr. "Gold and Silver for the King") by Melitta Jonas of 1998 with 264 pages and reference to the hunting goblet on page 150.

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