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A significant deluxe sabre for high officers with Damascus blade, 1st quarter of the 19th century

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Curved single-edged blade of fine forged Damascus steel with broad fullers on both sides and double-edged Pandour point. Above the short ricasso etched, gilt décor on a golden ground in the shape of spontoons, standards, drums, cannons and shields, followed by etched and gilt decoration on a grained ground extending over more than half the blade, depicting trophies, blossoms and tendrils. Two thirds of the scabbard with gold plating, scabbard and the fuller below the back decorated with tendrils, gilt back embellished with extraordinary, climbing branches. Knuckle-bow hilt with rich relief and lion’s head pommel, volutes and blossoms, recumbent Bavarian lion on the obverse of the quillons, depiction of a winged goddess on the knuckle bow. Fire gilding partly rubbed. Fluted mother-of-pearl grip scales. Length of sabre 99.5 cm. Brass scabbard with partly preserved fire gilding, on the obverse with engraved and punched ornamental and floral decoration, two suspension rings on bands decorated with flower ornaments, frog stud with palmette décor. Overall length 102 cm.
Superbly preserved sabre with beautiful Damascus blade. The strong resemblance to French models indicates that the sabre was manufactured around/before 1812.

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