Lot 1274

A German silver-mounted courtly hunting hanger, circa 1840

International Orders & Military Collectibles | A83m | Live auction | 577 Lots


Sturdy, single-edged blade with a double-edged point, a gilt ornament on a blued background etched onto both sides of the upper third. Silver knuckle-bow hilt with oak leaf decoration in relief. The black horn grip with a small imperfection, three decorative silver rivets in the shape of acorns on each side. Black leather scabbard, slightly restored, with smooth, silver fittings. Includes inserted by-knife with grip scales of black horn. Frog stud in the shape of an acorn. The hilt and locket stamped with the mark of fineness "13", the master's mark "HR" and assayer's mark. Length 80 cm.

Condition: II + Questions about the lot?

General Information

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