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Silvio Ceccarelli (1901 - 1985) - a monumental portrait bust of Mussolini as a judge, dated 1932

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Heavy hollow-cast bronze, on the left shoulder signed "Silvio
Ceccarelli" and "A X" (1932), the reverse with caster’s stamp "Fonderia ... urazzi Napoli". Three-dimensional portrait with
erect head and cape. Slightly damaged in places (crack of approx. 10 cm in the nape), traces of age. Dimensions 83 x 48 x 60 cm. The bust is depicted in Meroni, Massimo, DVX l’arte del consenso, Latina 2016, page 32.
Silvio Ceccarelli was born in Senigallia on 27 April 1901. He studied at the Academies of Fine Arts in Bologna, Urbino and Rome. He became one of the most significant figurative sculptors and medallists. In 1928, he won the competition "Pensionato Artistico
Nazionale di scultura". In 1929, he won again and acquired renown after participating in the Biennale in Venice in the following
year. Two years later, his sculpture "Idoletto", dated 1930, was exhibited together with other works at the third exhibition of the Regional Fascist Union of Fine Arts.
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