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A parade uniform of Amero d'Aste (1853 - 1931), admiral of the Royal Italian navy "Regia Marina"

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Beautifully preserved bicorn of mohair felt, continuous gold border, black feather trim, gold bullion clasp, gold button in relief with crowned anchor symbol, pleated silk cockade in the national colours, purple silk lining with gold stamp "Unione Militare", black leather sweatband. Comes with the double-breasted tunic of midnight-blue wool cloth with gold sleeve stripes in the rank of admiral, gold buttons with anchor symbol, braided gold shoulder boards, gold aiguillette with two gold tips, black silk lining with inner breast pockets. Neck decoration of the Orders of St. Mauritius and St. Lazarus and breast star of the Order of the
Crown of Italy (enamel chipped, restored). Also the trousers of midnight-blue cloth with gold lateral stripes, buttons of metal and synthetic material lacquered in black. Furthermore, the blue sash and a black leather belt with gold buckle (anchor symbol) and sabre hanger. Slightly damaged in places, traces of age.
Beautifully preserved, unique uniform ensemble of highest rank.
Marquess Marcello Amero D’Aste-Stella was an Italian admiral and later politician. As vice admiral he participated in the Italo-Turkish War and was the commander of the navy operations in 1912 when Italy attacked the Turkish holdings in the Aegean. He was commander-in-chief of the Italian navy troops until 25 August 1914. During World War I, Admiral Amero D’Aste took part in the Italian navy operations in the Adriatic Sea. After the war he was promoted and in 1919 was appointed senator by King Victor Emmanuel III. He was president of the War Commission of the Senate.
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