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A collection of photographs by Pierre Verger of the 1937 battle of Shanghai (淞沪会战), Sino-Japanese War

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Over 130 silver vintage prints, approximately 23.5 x 29.5 cm, including: Chinese troops in action; Chinese civilian refugees; Chinese military general Gu, Zhutong (顾祝同) and his comrades; Japanese troops; Japanese conference on the use of poison gas; day & night air raids by both the Japanese and Chinese; sand-bagging of buildings in Shanghai; bombed buildings in Shanghai; street life in Shanghai and distant views of the city; the effects of war on Wangpoo river (黄浦江) running through Shanghai;
European & American soldiers in the foreign concessions of Shanghai; Chinese "taxi" girls; Nantao (now Yu Garden 豫园) - Chinese sector south of the French concession in Shanghai; Several photos of Tsing-Tao 青岛
The vast majority of these photographs bear either the photographer's or the Alliance Photo stamp or both, as well as captions in French on the reverse of the prints.
Pierre Verger (born November 4, 1902, in Paris, France, † February 11, 1996, in Salvador, Brazil) was a French photographer, famous for his photographs of Brazil and Africa. In 1937 he was in China and took these photos during the Sino-Japanese War.

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