Lot 3061

An Italian master craftsman's casket, circa 1900

Works of Art, Antiquities | A83kua | Live auction | 712 Lots


The free-standing, finely carved, rectangular body veneered in a number of different woods, lavishly inlaid and brand-shaded in places. The straight frame with a continuous, carved, cloistered openwork structure arranged in architectural style around a central, velvet-lined compartment on four screw-mounted, claw feet. Finished with a lockable, tiered lid with several contours, inlaid with impressive marquetry in the shape of a crowned griffon. Slight signs of age. Minor knocks. Original, integrated brass lock and bolt. Key included.
The casket wrought with excellent, accurate workmanship to display every conceivable artisanal technique. Presumably an outstanding journeyman's piece, a requirement to be admitted to the guild of master craftsman. Dimensions circa 36 x 30 x 28 cm.

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