Lot 3007

A magnificent French or German table centrepiece in the shape of a large ivory ship, 1st half of the 19th century

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Silver, partially gilt. The hull made of ivory planks, riveted on a copper base. The mast, bowsprit and the large coats of arms on the sides also made of ivory. The delicately carved bowsprit with tendril décor, terminating in an eagle's head, the shield cartouches on the sides bearing a royal English coat of arms. The silver deck with grooves running down its length and two gilt inserts. Gilt sails, decorated in relief, and finely modelled rigging. The lower sail of the main mast features the Virgin Mary and the Infant Jesus in an aureole, standing on a crescent moon and surrounded by clouds, surmounted by the inscription "Marianna Michal Smarzova" in stippled engraving. The topsail has a dove to represent the Holy Spirit, also in an aureole and surrounded by clouds. Above which a crow's nest and flags. Two cherubs on the headsail. A flag with the crowned coat of arms of the House of Bourbon at the stern. On an oval, ebonised wooden pedestal with two silver supports, each with three finely crafted dolphins. Height 79 cm, length 70 cm. No discernible hallmarks, the gilt inserts on the deck marked (tr.) "Non-genuine insert". Rubbed in places, small imperfections in the ivory.
Highly elaborate, exceptionally distinguished centrepiece, dating from the rule of the Bourbon kings.

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