Lot 4405

A German Renaissance crossbow with lavish bone inlays featuring hunting motifs, circa 1580

Antique Arms and Armour from all over the world | A83aw | Live auction | 414 Lots


Heavy steel prod, a mark stamped on the inside on the right (a wheel with a sun burst), braided hemp bowstring. Old cord anchors with interlaced iron ring, remnants of the green woollen pompoms. Two old collection numbers attached. Distinctively bellied tiller made of fruitwood, the top and bottom veneered with engraved bone inlays. The side with a multi-figured hunting scene, depicting hunters and hounds chasing a wild boar and a stag, inlaid in engraved, blackened bone. The inset quarrel groove in bone, the original bone nut is secured with cord. Multi-axle lock, the folding set trigger with ridged, iron trigger guard. Some bone inlays on the end of the butt well replaced. The old monogram "MCVI" engraved on the underside. Length 62 cm.

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