Lot 4221

A rare German late Gothic kettle hat, circa 1500

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The heavy skull forged in one piece, with a narrow, tapering point. Two double perforations to attach the chinstrap on each side of the distinctly indented lower edge. The wide brim forged in one piece and tilting slightly downwards, with a row of lining rivets. The angular, turned edge struck upwards. The interior displaying a powerful hammer blow, remnants of the old leather lining. Height 23 cm, dimensions of the brim 41.5 x 38.5 cm, weight 3180 g.
This rare type of helmet, only very few examples of which are preserved, is depicted in countless late Gothic and early Renaissance paintings. Contrary to the widely held belief that this helmet type was reserved for men-at-arms only, numerous contemporary pictures are testimony that it was also worn by knights, in combination with a bevor. For example, the 1517 edition of "Theuerdank" also includes a woodcut that shows Emperor Maximilian I wearing a similar kettle hat with his full armour at court.
A comparable example, the original chinstrap still preserved, is on display in the collection of the Danish War Museum in Copenhagen's arsenal building. A well-preserved archaeological find of this same type can be found in the holdings of the Déri Museum in Debrecen/Hungary.

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