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A Milanese etched half armour, circa 1580/90

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The skull of the morion forged in one piece, with a tall, roped comb. A continuous border of iron lining rivets, the tapering brim with turned and roped edges. The entire surface lavishly adorned with etchings of various antique mythical creatures, amidst scrolling bands and trophy decoration. The cheek pieces replaced, a small repair on the rear point of the brim, two holes on the front edge of the comb. The gorget opening on a hinge (small repairs in places), the neck guard with a prominent turned and roped flange.
Complete arm defences, the large pauldrons sliding on six lames (a repair on the right shoulder), the closed cannons with closed couters sliding on three lames. The slightly different gauntlets with ridged cuffs, the metacarpi sliding on four lames. The attached thumb plates opening on a hinge (not original), the finger scales are missing.
The high-grade, ridged breastplate with a peascod belly, the gussets moving on sliding rivets (the right one a good replacement). The pronounced turned flanges struck inwards. Finely etched trophy decoration, the breastplate with a depiction of Mars in the centre, above which a cartouche featuring a twin-towered city gate. Unassociated fauld, the attached tassets sliding on five lames (one lame with an incomplete edge). Includes a shortened pair of cuisses sliding on four lames, with three-lame poleyns (repairs in places, one lame replaced). Decorative suit of armour assembled from old parts, the leather lining renewed in places. Height approx. 174 cm.
The etched city gate and the tower on the top of the breastplate are the signature of a prestigious Milanese armourer's workshop, known today by the name of "Master of the Castle", which received commissions from numerous royal houses in Europe; the quality of the work was comparable with the famous "Pompeo della Chiesa" workshop. Probably the most well-known armour produced by the "Master of the Castle" is the suit of armour belonging to Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau, Prince Bishop of Salzburg, parts of which are in the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum and the Wallace Collection. Other suits of armour from this workshop can be found in the collection of the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, the Armeria Reale in Turin, the Real Armeria in Madrid and the Musée de l'Armée in Paris.

Provenance: Victor Bacherau Collection, Paris. Collection of Dr. Bashford Dean, Riverdale, New York. Acquired from the American Art Association in 1927. Thomas del Mar Auction, May 2014, lot no. 138.

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