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A German suit of three-quarters armour in quality befitting an officer, Nuremberg, circa 1560

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The large skull of the burgonet forged in one piece. The high roped comb with three fastening holes. The iron plume socket riveted at the nape. The peak made in one piece with a finely turned and roped edge. The large hinged cheek pieces with perforations for hearing, riveted neck guard.
The gorget opening on a hinge. The lightly ridged breastplate struck with a Nuremberg proof mark. Two-lame neck guard with a prominent, roped and turned flange. Two movable pins at the side to insert the arm defences. Upper and lower cannons attached, the pauldrons sliding on five lames. Closed rerebraces and vambraces, the half-open couters both struck with acceptance and master's marks.
The fingered gauntlets with metacarpi sliding on five lames and finely ridged and roped knuckle guards. The original finger scales still attached, lobed at the edge. The attached thumb plates opening on a hinge, each with three finger scales. The cuffs opening on a hinge with delicately hammered knuckle ridges on the side. The edges turned and roped.
Heavy breastplate with three medial ridges, drawn out to a pronounced central point. The movable armholes and the upper edge with prominent, roped flanges. The Nuremberg proof mark stamped at the top. Three ridged faulds attached.
The backplate with pronounced, hammered bosses on the shoulder blades, turned and roped edges. Nuremberg acceptance and master's marks struck at the top right edge. The riveted culet with a prominent, curved border. The attached cuisses each sliding on six lames, with distinctly turned and roped flanges.
The leather lining of some armour parts has been renewed.
A first-class suit of completely homogeneous armour for the field, all parts matching apart from the gauntlets, the numerous, finely wrought details setting it clearly apart from the standard, mass-produced armour of old arsenal stock.
The different masters‘ marks that are struck into the various parts are typical of Nuremberg suits of armour, as Nuremberg armourers were only permitted to produce one particular piece. Therefore, a large number of masters always was involved in making every suit.

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