Lot 4137

A Japanese whalebone tachi, Meiji period

Antique Arms and Armour from all over the world | A83aw | Live auction | 414 Lots


Blade around 1600, hira zukuri, torii zori, ambilateral bohi and three Kanji in Soshu. Over-polished hada with traces of corrosion. O-notare hamon, ko-maru boshi with middle kaeri. Blade with signs of fatigue. Nakago glued into the tsuka. Copper habaki. Very elaborate, finely cut whalebone koshirae with scenes of everyday life, the carved "mounts" decorated with scrolling karakusa and mon. Obitori, one piece of the o-seppa and one inlay of the kashira missing. Length k/m 40 cm, overall length 76 cm.

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