Lot 4114

A Japanese tosei gusoku, some parts mid-Edo/Meiji period

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Nerikawa suji kabuto, on a solid leather skull, lacquered, crafted after the model of a 12-plate suji kabuto. On the front and back a copper plate with two and three chased shinodare, respectively, large, three-stage tehen kanemono decorated with flower ornaments. Mabezaeshi and fukigaeshi covered with leather, with gold fukurin and mokko mon of the Ishino clan. Shikoro of four lames with leather sugake binding, the inside dated "December 1864". The iron hambo lacquered in black with yodare kake with two lames. Heavy sode of seven lames with blue sugake binding and fukurin. Damage to the lacquer and the bindings. Light leather hotoke do, lacquered in black with aoi-mon on the breastplate and kusazuri of four lames in sugake binding. Gorget missing. Simple iron tsutsu kote lacquered in black. Leather iyo haidate with distinct traces of age. Suneate of iron lacquered in black. Comes with an unmarked machi no takai yari with traces of corrosion and a modern daisho.

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