Lot 4072

A deluxe set of two Persian gold-inlaid kards, circa 1800

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The large kard with a single-edged, wootz blade and a reinforced point. The root of the blade embellished with deeply chiselled floral décor, interspersed with gold-inlaid cartouches of Quran surahs. The back of the blade chiselled and with gold inlays. The left side of the blade with the signature "Mir Ali", inlaid in gold. The ferrule and grip frames forged of wootz Damascus, with lightly cut décor between gold-inlaid cartouches of Quran surahs. The grip scales carved in crystalline walrus ivory. The small kard with a single-edged blade of wootz Damascus (stained in places), the root and ferrule with gold-inlaid floral décor. Walrus ivory grip scales. In the matching scabbard of shagreen leather, dyed green, stitched with brass wire on the side. The green carrying cord attached, the pommel cap made of walrus ivory. Length 42.5 cm.

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