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A set of Persian chiselled armour, dated 1797

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The three-piece set comprising a helmet (kulah khud), a shield (sipar) and a forearm guard (bazu band). The skull of the helmet hammered in one piece in wootz-Damascus. The riveted crown plate made of wootz with a mounted, grooved point. Adjustable nasal bar made of wootz-Damascus. The skull with chiselled décor, depicting hunting and animal scenes. A continuous band of brass-inlaid calligraphic cartouches running around the lower edge. Dated "1115" (= 1797) next to the nasal bar. Attached, a high-grade aventail made of iron and brass rings, placed end to end. The distinctly domed shield made of wootz-Damascus, with an offset edge and four shield bosses. Chiselled hunting decoration, the outer rim with calligraphic cartouches surrounded by decorative tendrils inlaid in gold. The inlays incomplete in places. Original lining in brownish velvet, the straps and hand padding made of leather. The matching forearm guard made of wootz-Damascus with chiselled hunting decoration and an ornamental, gold-inlaid edge. The wrist protector is missing. Height of the kulah khud 70 cm, diameter of the shield 38.5 cm, length of the arm guard 35 cm.
A rare set of early armour, completely forged in wootz-Damascus.
Provenance: Paul Collection, Berlin. Hermann Historica, 36th auction, 1998, lot no. 423.

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