Lot 4034

A gold-damascened Ottoman Yatagan, dated 1206 H. (1791/2)

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Slightly curved single edged blade with small fullers on both sides and gold-damascened ornamentation on the obverse side. On the opposite side, also gold-damascened, another ornament and a writing cartouche containing the maker's signature (amel-i Ibrahim), Ottoman motto, date (1206H.) and (hardly legible) tuğra-like owner's name (sahib-i Mehmed?). Blade socket made of floral embossed brass, remnants of gilding. Brass hilt and floral embossed grip band with remnants of gilding. Horn grip scales with large ears. Old wooden scabbard with floral and geometrically embossed silver fittings and two soldered-on loops. Length 85 cm.

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