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A South German deluxe Renaissance wheellock rifle with fine bone inlays, circa 1600/1610

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The octagonal barrel slightly constricted in the middle with eight-groove rifled bore in 15 mm calibre. Dovetailed sights. The surface with remnants of the original bluing, tendrils and trophy decoration finely engraved at the breech, along with remnants of gold-inlaid arabesques. The lock with a dome-shaped wheel housing. The entire surface with delicately engraved and chased ornamentation on the original blued background. A depiction of Jupiter in a chariot drawn by lions, surrounded by animals and grotesque masks. The gilt cock with openwork, spring-loaded pan cover. Gilt set trigger. The full shaft made of finely grained walnut with exquisite inlays of blackened and engraved bone. Grotesque masks amidst strapwork and tendrils, the cheek featuring a depiction of a heron with a snake in its beak. The owner's coat of arms engraved on the butt cap. The patch box with a sliding lid, engraved and gilt iron, harp-shaped finger rests. Original wooden ramrod with engraved bone tip. Length 126 cm.
Condition: II +

Condition Report:
The inlays at the root of the barrel rubbed. The lock in superb
condition. The stock with minor flaws, small restorations in places.
Small imperfections in the wood and inlays on the upper edge of the

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