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A Florentine gilt figure of Christ from the Giambologna workshop, 1st half of the 17th century

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Three-nail type. The fire-gilt bronze body on a modern pedestal with associated skull and skeletons as a memento mori. The balanced composition of the Christo morto sculpture shows the typical features of the Giambologna crucifixes. The head with its crown of thorns inclining towards the right, the upper body slightly turned to the right, the knees to the left, thereby creating a state of tension in the body. The facial features virtually unmarked by the suffering, the body with neither gaping wounds nor distorted musculature, the stigmata alone are fully sculptured. The figure of Christ seeming almost to float in front of the cross. The special finesse can be seen in the raised features of the face, including the delicately finished beard. Moreover, the body is distinguished by the elegant drapery of the loincloth. Literature: exhibition catalogue, Giambologna 1529 - 1608, Vienna, 1978, p. 193, no. 105 and p. 197, no. 108.
Provenance: In an old Austrian collection since the 1980s.
Condition: II +

Condition Report:
The gilding rubbed. On a modern pedestal. Fabulous, original patina.

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