Lot 59

A rare Silesian Renaissance Teschen rifle, circa 1580/90

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The slender, slightly conical, octagonal barrel with smooth bore in 9 mm calibre. Dovetailed brass sights in brass and iron. The wheellock with the typical external main spring, the wheel with embossed geometric décor. The spring-loaded pan cover with a release button. The full shaft made of walnut with lavish inlays of blackened and engraved bone. Portrait cartouches featuring figures in contemporary costume amidst mythical creatures, angels' heads and fruit festoons, interspersed with fine, petal-shaped dot inlays. The patch box with a sliding lid and spring catch, iron harp-shaped finger rests, the wooden ramrod with bone tip. Length 129 cm.
An unusual, early tschinke, which is doubtless one of the earliest known specimens of this rare type of Silesian rifle.
Condition: II
Condition Report:
The metal surfaces of the barrel and lock lightly pitted in places. The
stock inlays original apart from minor replacements, a small repair to
the left edge, below the lock plate. Questions about the lot?

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