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A monumental Flemish altar painting with a monogram, 17th century

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Framed. Oil on canvas. Imposing still life with an unusually large monstrance, flanked by putti. The angels flanked by altar candle holders. Below which, lavish garlands of flowers and bunches of fruit, a book, several gold and silver receptacles, as well as an incense burner, jug and goblets, these standing on a table that is covered with a Persian carpet. The monogram "GvL" and "GvB(?)" at the bottom right, presumably for Guilliam GABRON (Antwerp, 1619 - 1678). The artist placing particular emphasis on the different surface textures of the depicted objects, as well as on the fine nuances of the hues and the highlights on the gold monstrance. This monumental painting is an exceptionally impressive example of Flemish still life painting during the baroque period. William Gabron came from a family of artists and was registered in the Guild of St Luke in Antwerp from the 1640s. In 1646, he embarked on a study tour of Italy. After his return, his later style of painting had obviously been influenced by his sojourn in Italy.
In a solid frame of carved, gilt wood. Size of the painting 241 x 161 cm, size of the frame 273 x 200 cm.
Provenance: By all accounts, it used to hang in a French monastery church. It found its way into a prominent private collection in Europe due to the secularisation process. Nowadays, Guilliam Gabron can be found in important museums, such as the Alte Pinakothek, Munich, or in Hannover.
Condition: II -
Condition Report:
Signs of age. The monogram uncovered at the start of the cleaning work. Retouching in places. Questions about the lot?

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