Lot 53

A Milanese etched armour for the field, circa 1570/80

From castles and palaces - selected art and works of art from antiquity to the 20th century | A87p | Live auction | 245 Lots

Hammer price € 74,000

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The skull of the close helmet forged in one piece. High, roped comb, the plume socket riveted at the nape. The two-part, pivoted visor with separate eye holes, one visor bolt a later replacement. The visor plate with five breathing holes on the right-hand side, the pivoted bevor with a hook closure. The gorget sliding on two lames, with a turned and roped edge. The gorget opening on a hinge, the neck guard a later replacement. Complete arm defences, the large pauldrons sliding on six lames. A flange mounted on the right shoulder, a reinforcement plate with a high flange screwed onto the left shoulder. The closed cannons with small, closed couters. Fingered gauntlets (the right hand a good 19th century replacement), the metacarpi sliding on five lames. The thumb plates and finger scales attached, three fingers are missing on the left hand. The lightly ridged cuffs with turned and roped edges. Peascod belly, with the gussets moving on sliding rivets (a repair to the left gusset), the prominent flanges struck inwards. The matching backplate forged in one piece with roped and turned flanges. The fauld of later date, the attached tassets sliding on thirteen lames (repairs in places). The full leg defences comprising two-lame cuisses with poleyns sliding on three lames, the closed greaves dating from the 19th century, with original sabatons sliding on eight lames. An attractive suit of armour assembled from old parts, lavishly etched with trophy decoration. The etching on the helmet and the leg defences probably replaced during the 19th century. Mounted on a custom-built mannequin with a black wooden base. Height 170 cm, including pedestal 184 cm.
Condition: II - III

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